Why supervision?

At Think Space we recognise the power of a coaching culture. We also believe in the importance and necessity of supervision for anyone offering coaching to others, whether that’s internal coaches, HR professionals or managers adopting a coaching approach with their teams.


You may have invested in employees coaching training – now invest in ensuring it works the best it can.


Supervision is a space for individuals to deepen their learning and develop improved competency.


It is a neutral and impartial service that enhances the role and capacity of internal team coaches and managers, which increases benefit within the wider organisation as a whole. 


We offer supervision to both individuals and groups within your business.

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·       How you work

·       Why you work the way you do

·       What holds you back and propels you forward

·       Hidden possibilities

·       Skills that you are under and/or over-using

·       Your part in any unfolding dramas

·       The wider system and how to use this data

·       Experiments and evaluate results

·       How to celebrate successes

·       Ethical dilemmas and responsibilities

·       Scope for further learning