Social Impact



Jules and Teresa met in prison

What took us to prison was not a crime, but a deep and committed belief in the power of individuals to change and transform their life stories. So we spent a number of years coaching men, women and staff in prisons across the UK, as well as coaching families and young people in the community, as part of the charity Coaching Inside and Out.

Our desire to see people prosper, whatever their situation in life, means that Think Space continues to work with like-minded coaches to ask:


  • What more can be done?

  • Where can coaching go to truly transform people’s lives?

  • How can we work together to have social impact through coaching?

  • What are the partnerships, innovations or models that excite us?


If you’re a coach who is reading this saying, “Yes, yes, YES!” then let's connect.


We meet face to face and virtually to THINK more about the ideas that excite us and create the SPACE to make these ideas a reality.

And if you have an idea or project that you think would benefit from getting coaches involved, let us know about it. We'd love to chat.