We are passionate about learning and growth. 

We are coaches after all. 




  • Individuals bought together for the purposes of learning, and not from the same intact team. Group members can all have individual goals, and this diversity is itself central to the richness of the learning experience.

    Christine Thornton

We know that people always have the capacity to extend beyond the limits of their current capability.


But we also know that learning can be difficult for us humans. When we are faced with something new, we are making an unconscious judgement, assessing the balance of security and risk in asking:

•    will I look stupid?

•    will I be found out?

•    can I manage what’s being asked of me?

These are common fears that, handled well, can easily be overcome. Not addressed however, they can turn into limiting behaviours that result in poor performance, anxiety, avoidance, group-think and a general 'middle of the road' mindset.

Group coaching interventions work by creating the right environment for shared learning which, in turn, increases performance, innovation, experimentation, best practice and shared learning. Better for your people, better for your business.

What can you do to support a learning culture?

  1. Acknowledge your own fallibility – if you can share your vulnerability around not knowing, then others will be encouraged to follow suit.

  2. Build on ideas so that all contributions are valued – develop a ‘yes, and…’ language rather than ‘yes, but…’ that negates what was offered before.

  3. Model curiosity – curiosity is an open mindset that takes a ‘we don’t know yet’ stance and is comfortable in the state of uncertainty, waiting to see what will emerge.

  4. Admit mistakes – mistakes, cock-ups, failing: rather than punishing the person, adopt a mindset of delving into the ‘mistake’ to see what rich learning can be carried forward. 


How can we help you?

By drawing on a range of approaches and techniques - such as action learning sets, mastermind groups, away-days or large group events - we can help your people to:

- get comfortable with learning, sharing, growing

- become more adaptable

- be more open with their ideas

- be more able to take risks 

- and to develop their field of expertise in the process.

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