Asked Questions


What is Team Coaching?

It is coaching - not facilitation or consultancy - so that means we observe and listen to the team as they interact with each other. We notice patterns, omissions, roles that are serving the team and those that are not. We notice where there is lack of clarity and congruence, where there is confusion or conflict.

Then we bring this all to the attention of the team so that the team can remedy its own problems, and discover strengths and ways of working they didn't realise were available to them.

Who is Team Coaching for?

All teams can benefit from team coaching (though some teams may need to do preparatory work before beginning an intervention).


Whether it's a new team wanting to get off on the right foot, a plodding team that needs an energy injection, or a troubled team that needs help turning debilitating conflict into creative breakthroughs, team coaching can help.

High performing teams, or those coming to the end, can also benefit, by banking lessons learned for faster replication in the future.

How does the team benefit?

We are passionate about supporting your business by supporting your people. What that means in real terms is helping your people show up as more of themselves more of the time.

That means they'll feel safe enough to take risks, to make mistakes and learn from them, to offer ideas for others to build on, and to create an environment of learning and growth.

The result? Greater innovation, stronger staff retention and increased productivity.

How does the leader benefit?

We are committed to supporting the leader to hold the team as it goes through its team coaching journey. After all, the leader stays once the coaches leave. 

So we offer the leader one to one coaching alongside the team coaching process, so the leader can reflect on their own leadership style and develop an authentic leadership presence.

We also support the leader in understanding how they impact on the team, as well as understanding the external factors that may impact team performance.

How do we work?

We will get to know you and assess the team's readiness. Some teams may benefit from some preparatory work before team coaching itself. We'll conduct diagnostics, where appropriate, to make strengths and talents within the team known to the whole team.

Here at Think Space we work in pairs, meaning one coach may step into a more facilitative role 'up front' with the team, whilst the other observes and identifies areas for development in the team dynamics. We may work off-site and we'll also coach during your existing team meetings. 

We'd recommend a minimum of six months to allow truly transformational work to happen.

Why work with us?

We are passionate about making the world a better place. And we are drawn to working with others who are also seeking to make an impact in the world somehow.

If the impact that you want to make is by improving the experience of the people that work within your organisation then we could be a good match, bringing our experience AND our values into your workplace.