What does coaching mean to us?

Here at Think Space, we think of coaching as a partnership.

A space for transformational dialogue.

A mutuality of intent.

Two brains better than one.

At Think Space we do not think of the coach as the expert, the leader of the process, or as ‘doing to’ the client.

It’s a relationship where the client works out what they want or need to change, and works out how they’ll know when they’ve achieved that change.


The coach then works alongside them to help them uncover the best path to that outcome.


Solutions suggested by others do not have the same sticking power as solutions we generate for ourselves.

We are emotionally connected to ideas we generate ourselves. 

And that’s the ultimate gift of the coaching relationship – connecting clients to their own wisdom so they increase their capacity for learning; about their strengths, how they operate and how to ask for their needs to be met in a constructive way.

It is not consultancyIt is not advice.

The result? Better relationships, communication, creativity, output.

Here at Think Space we work with leaders, individual team members or whole teams.


Bespoke packages will be developed with you according to your specific needs.


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